What the group offers

Working Breakfast operates an exclusive arrangement in which only one company represents each sector. So, for example, we only have one financial advisor, one marketing company, one web designer, one contract cleaner etc. This means that there is no competition between members, and there is no confusion over who should be passed a lead. You may wish to visit our Leicester members list to see who we already have as members.

Whilst the groups are currently very busy, there are always opportunities for new members of the right calibre to apply. If the service you provide does not overlap with one of the companies listed in the members’ area, please contact us to see if Working Breakfast would be suitable for your business.

Working Breakfast is for you if you:

  • Are able to make a commitment to attend on a weekly basis
  • Are looking to receive regular new business for your company
  • Enjoy interaction with people
  • Wish to increase your social circle
  • Are able to deliver a high-quality service at a fair price
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