10th May Visitors Day at ‘Working Breakfast’ Networking Group

Working Breakfast is a professional networking group that meets every Wednesday at The Angel Hotel, Market Harborough, to pass referrals to each other.6.45 to 7am arrival and we always finish by 8.30am. We only allow 1 representative from any profession so take a look at our website in the Harborough group and see if you might benefit from…


Graphic Design Leicester

Design is a broad word encompassing most things we see. Full Fat Designs approach all design briefs with the same enthusiasm no matter how big or small, from logo design up to multi-language catalogues.


29th September Visitors Day at ‘Working Breakfast’ Networking Group

Working Breakfast is a professional networking group that meets every Thursday at College Court, Leicester to pass referrals to each other.6.45 to 7am arrival and we always finish by 8.30am. We only allow 1 Representative from any profession so take a look at our website in the Leicester group and see if you might benefit…


Tony Morely of the Wine and Hamper Co

Tony Morely of the Wine and Hamper Co reminding us Christmas is round the corner before bringing us up to date on the packaging side of his business. With a visitors day coming up on the 29th September, why not put the date in your diary now and share with your friends to help them…


Allan Heggs of Silverside cheers us all up

Allan Heggs of Silverside cheers us all up by reminding us that even with the help of experts, we’re all going to die. Allan can help us all with critical and serious illness cover. All members get a chance to make a 10 minute presentation to the room. Come along and see how Working Breakfast…


Bettinson’s new website

Leicesters premier independent kitchen designer, installer and appliance retailer Bettinsons of Knighton Fields are placed to launch their new website

New Visitor Day Announced – May 13th 2015

A special visitors day has been announced by Working Breakfast Market Harborough.  This will take place on May 13th at The Angel Hotel from 7am till 8.30am. The group has recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and it’s 21st member will be joining in May. Around 40 guests will be present at the visitors day, but…


Market Harborough Chamber of Commerce announces Harborough Business Expo

The Market Harborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce has announced a new event aimed at showcasing many of the local businesses based in the town.  The ‘Harborough Business Expo 2015’ will take place on April 20th from 1pm ‘til 5pm at the Harborough Market Hall. Several member of Harborough based networking group Working Breakfast will be…


Alden Electrical sponsor successful Festival of Cycling

Over 200 people took to the streets for Market Harborough’s first ‘Festival of Cycling’ sponsored by Working Breakfast members Alden Electrical on Sunday 29th of March.  Organisers Race Harborough had hoped that it would offer something for everybody, but in the event it proved to be a test of character as well as a test…


Free Seminar on Branding at The March Business Agenda

If you are interested in how branding works and just how important it can be for the long term growth of your business, you might be interested in attending The Business Agenda this coming Tuesday (March 17th) at the Harborough Innovation Centre. Alastair Campbell, MD of The Ideal Marketing Company will be discussing the topic…


Harborough Businesses group celebrates 5th anniversary.

  Members of Market Harborough networking group Working Breakfast are celebrating their five year anniversary. The Working Breakfast group, who meet weekly at The Angel Hotel, have passed leads generating over £1,000,000 during their time together. The group of 20 local businesses have now passed over 10,000 leads for each other and are the instigators of the successful…


One of LinkedIn’s ‘most engaged’ to host Harborough LinkedIn Masterclass

A local digital marketing expert, recently identified by LinkedIn as one of the best connected women in marketing using the platform, has announced that she will be running a series of social media seminars in Market Harborough over the coming months. Jessica Shailes, Head of Digital Marketing at the Ideal Marketing Company was included in…


Open day on October 29th at Harborough Working Breakfast

Attention all business owners – here is your chance to get a taste a of working breakfast for free! On Wednesday October 29th Working Breakfast are holding a special open event.  It’s for anybody in the Harborough area who is open to meeting business owners, networking and receiving new business leads. It’s an early start…


Help for Start up firms in Market Harborough

October 15th sees a new event in Market Harborough to support start-up firms. Attending the event will be several Working Breakfast firms – on hand to offer expert advice. The event is being organised by Mick Judge from the Innovation Centre (pictured on the left) and speakers include Alastair Campbell from The Ideal Marketing Company…


Working Breakfast member shortlisted for Employer of the Year award

A family business that is a member of Working Breakfast Market Harborough is celebrating making the shortlist for Employer of the Year in the Midlands Family Business Awards 2014. Set up by husband and wife Carl and Clare Elsby, chartered accountancy practice Elsby & Co (www.elsbyandco.co.uk) is one of just five companies to make it through…


New marketing seminar dates announced

Working Breakfast Market Harborough member The Ideal Marketing Company is holding a half-day seminar at the Waterfront Restaurant on September 25th in aid of LOROS Hospice.  It will cover 3 important areas of marketing: increasing your enquiries, increasing your conversions and increasing your existing customers’ spend.


For full details visit http://bit.ly/1oQGTae 

How Working Breakfast works – part 7

Finding new members Who do you currently work with who isn’t around the table? Do you have suppliers in your business that could join?  Do you work with people outside of work – in your social circles – who could join?  What other networking circles do you move in; would some of them find it…


How Working Breakfast works – part 6

It’s our club, it’s our responsibility How many people have you asked along? If Working Breakfast is going to continue to be a success it is down to every member of the group to do their bit to make it work.  It’s all too easy to sit back and watch other members do all the…


How Working Breakfast works – part 5

Make the most of the side benefits Business card database The Working Breakfast website contains a database of hundreds of local business owners.  These are yours to download and to use as you see fit.  Ask for details of the passwords required. Website The Working Breakfast website has hundreds of visitors each month and is…


A few remaining places at next weeks marketing seminar

There are just a few places remaining at next weeks marketing seminar being help upstairs at The Waterfront in Market Harborough. Are you a business who markets your services to other businesses? If so register your free place or find out more at:




How Working Breakfast works – part 4

Giving more referrals Write down what people ask for The best way to listen to people’s 60 seconds is to listen with a pen.  Take time to write down the names of the person and the specific thing they have asked for.  By doing this, it becomes clear who asks for something specific and who…


How Working Breakfast works – Part 3

 Looking out for the group members Take your cards wherever you go As a new member, you will get a business card holder to store any business cards you like, but especially business cards from group members. Take this in your briefcase, keep it on your desk or take it in your car.  Whenever you…


How Working Breakfast works – Part 2

Your 60 second commercial  So now you are attending the meeting – or have somebody in your place, how do you make the most of it? First of all, aim to get there for 6.45am.  That way you will have more time to catch up with other members of the group.  If you arrive just…


How Working Breakfast works – part 1

The importance of numbers Attendance Central to the success of the group is attendance. You are expected to be there every week or send somebody to represent your company. Why is this so important?  Firstly, it helps to show that you are running a reliable company which can be trusted. Secondly, if people have leads…


The Business Agenda – April 2014

Last chance to book your place at the April Business Agenda ataking place at 5pm tomorrow.

This month’s talk is about customer engagement with guest speaker Jess Shailes at the Harborough Innovation Centre.

Visit www.thebusinessagenda.com for full details.

Working Breakfast networking tips number 7

Networking tip number 7

Act quickly after receiving a lead, keeping both that lead and their referee happy. Even if you think that the contact may not be for you, follow up on it, as you never know where it could lead.

Working Breakfast networking tip number 6

Networking tip number 6  Make sure you’re able to articulate what you do in a short space of time. Members are given just 60 seconds to communicate what you do and the benefits of that to others. Practice and perfect this 60 seconds as it is a way of showing people that they need your…


Working Breakfast networking tip number 5

Networking tip number 5

Create a reputation as a source of knowledge for others. Paying attention to others can mean that you’re able to make personal recommendations, showing that you are reliable and trustworthy.

Working Breakfast networking tip number 4

Networking tip number 4 

Take a genuine interest in others; engage with them and enquire in the right way. Ask open ended questions and you’ll really get the best out of a conversation, gaining knowledge of their business to benefit both of you.

The Business Agenda for April 2014

The Business Agenda. This month it is on the theme on customer acquisition and engagement.  Hosted by Jess Shales it is sure to be another popular event for business owners.

Visit http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-business-agenda-april-15th-2014-tickets-11003601067 to register your free place.





Working Breakfast networking tip number 3

Networking tip number 3

Bear in mind that finding the right contacts or networks won’t happen overnight – persevere in a group and you will get the right connections.

Working Breakfast networking tip number 2

Networking tip number 2

Be focussed in your approach, and set some quantifiable end goals. Good aims are to grow your network by 100 new connections or gain ten new business appointments in a year from the group.

Working Breakfast networking tip number 1

Networking tip number 1

Genuinely want to help others. Remember that networking should not be all about you, rather about what you can do to help other businesses. Taking this approach will build trust, enforcing new relationships, and people will be more willing to help you out when the time comes.


The Business Agenda – March 2014

Time to reserve your free place at the March 2014 Business Agenda meeting supported by Working Breakfast. This month’s meeting takes place at the Harborough Innovation Centre on March 18th from 5pm till 7pm and will feature an interview with Alex Blackwell, Deputy Editor of The Harborough Mail. For more details or to reserve you…


7 tips to get the most out of your local networking group

Working Breakfast is different from other networking groups in that it is not a franchise, but was formed by a group of local business owners and professionals to get together each week to help pass new business on to one another. Unlike most normal networking events, most of the meetings are attended by regular members…


Graham Sayles takes over as new Chair of Working Breakfast

Graham Sayles from Market Harborough based print company Omniprint has taken over as chair of networking group Working Breakfast for the next 6 months.  Grahams first meeting as chair was on Wednesday February 5th. Despite being a member of the Market Harborough chapter of Working Breakfast since it first started 4 years ago it was his…


SHINE to make a good first impression

Networking expert Will Kintish suggests you SHINE to make a good first impression S mile H andshake I (eye) contact! N ame, give your own and listen carefully for theirs E nthusiasm, show genuine interest in the other person Try this next time you are networking! Working Breakfast meets every Wednesday at the Angel Hotel…


Why you should always make that follow up call.

5 key reasons for making up that follow up call, as noted by Will Kintish of www.kintish.co.uk are: It will make you lots of money You got on well when you met and the person seemed to like you There was a definite interest in what you have to offer It will genuinely help your…


Why should you network?

You know you should network, but do you know why? Networking expert Will Kintish reminds you that you need to: Raise both your own profile, and that of the firm you are representing. Remind people that you and your firm are still about. Keep in touch with the marketplace. Get others to know who you…


SCAM Alert

Watch out for an email from charlesbrown486@yahoo.co.uk. It says they couldn’t deliver a parcel please telephone 07030505876. This is a premium rate number and they will keep you on hold. Fortunately I didn’t respond, I went on the internet and found out it was a scam.

The ten deadly networking sins.

Networking expert Will Kintish has identified the ten sins of a bad networker… Lack of preparation Mixing up networking and selling Giving a bad first impression Thinking small talk is unimportant Talking too much, and in turn, not listening enough Asking the wrong questions Not properly answering the “what do you do?” question Misreading the…


Three ways to start a conversation.

Networking expert, Will Kintish, suggests three key tips to starting a conversation… Be confident in yourself and consider what you have to say important. By acting confidently, you will encourage the other person to be more responsive. Think of a compliment, whether it be about a presentation or about a persons’ car! No one can…


How to be more successful…

Will Kintish of www.kintish.co.uk has several tips for success… Self belief – believe you have something to offer. Adopt a giving mentality – give without remembering, but don’t forget what you have received. Be proactive – make the first move, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Be reliable – do what you’ve said…


New marketing seimar is aid of Loros hospice

The Seven Essentials of Marketing to Grow Your Business “An inspiring seminar with sound, practical advice.” Join us for a packed day covering these 7 essential marketing topics: Branding – are you projecting the best image to your customers? Social media – practical tips on making Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms pay for you Website –…


What’s in a name?

Remembering a name is the ultimate way of making someone feel important, says networking professional Will Kintish. He recommends four ways to remember a name… Make sure you hear and understand the name Make a link between the persons face and their name Add in details about the person to this link between face and…


Two tips for a good networker

This weeks’ key networking tips given by Will Kintish of www.kintish.co.uk are to Wear a name badge on your right lapel, meaning the person you are greeting will see it as you shake hands. Don’t look disinterested or look over someone’s shoulder if they are boring you, move on with courtesy and respect. The best…


Addressing the fear of not knowing the answer.

Addressing the fear of attending a business event and not knowing the answer to a question, networking expert Will Kintish suggests asking three simple questions to gain understanding. Could you tell me more about that? Could you explain how that works? Can you describe that to me in more detail? Kintish notes that people are…


The importance of business cards.

Will Kintish, networking expert, notes the importance of a good business card, and discusses several ways in which a business card can fail to do its job. Firstly, when a business card only has a mobile phone number on it. Next, when there is no postal address on the card. Finally, when there is no…


Public Speaking #20

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 20. Eye contact.  Make eye contact with at…


Public Speaking Tip #19

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 19. Smile.  If you are nervous, you might not feel like it but it helps the tone of your voice and shows that you are comfortable in speaking. More…


Help for Heroes Wine & Hamper Gifts

Help for Heroes Wine & Hamper Gifts Lots of orders coming in now for our Help for Heroes labelled wine and gift packs. These gifts are ideal for both corporate and personal gifting needs. We donate 10% of the goods purchase price to the Help for Heroes Charity, so you can get your corporate or…


Public Speaking #18

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 18. Put emotion into what you are saying.…


Public Speaking #17

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 17. Stand up.  Almost everybody stands up, but sometimes you might be tempted to stay seated, particularly at the end if you don’t have many referrals to pass. Always…


Christmas is Coming!

Our clients have suddenly woken up to the fact that “Christmas is Coming”. This week has been the best week for sales that we have ever had… Keep the orders coming! Get Your Christmas corporate or personal gifts at www.wineandhampers.com

Public Speaking Tip #16

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 16. Solve Problems. Is there something you can…


Networking tip #17: Don’t hijack the conversation

It can be all too easy to over compensate your nerves by making the conversation all about you, because it is familiar ground. However, you will begin to notice as you attend more networking events, that the most successful networkers are those who listen intently to what others have to say. They make the other…


Welcome to Carl Garrood

Carl Garwood is now officially Working Breakfast’s 24th member with his new company Tyre Safe.  Lets wish him all the very best for his new venture that helps to make it safer for drivers on the road.


Public Speaking Tip #15

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 15. Variety.  Don’t repeat that same 60 seconds week after week.  It will bore regular members and lead to a steady reduction in leads.  It’s far better to change…


Christmas Gifts

It’s time to think seriously about your personal, client and staff Christmas gifting requirements. Great choice available at The Wine and Hamper Company  and if you don’t find what you want contact Tony Morley on 01530 245 486 and we will tailor-make a gift to suit your content or budget specification.

Networking tip #16: Smile

This may seem obvious, or indeed a little patronising, but smiling is the best way to engage others. You will come across as warm and inviting, and will generate lots more contacts than the person who slopes in late, keeps checking his watch and looks as though he got forced to go along by his…


Public Speaking Tip #14

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 14. Focus.  Is there a theme that you can focus on?  If you have been successfully working with a particular group, you can talk about their success in your…


Networking tip #15: Ask easy questions

Don’t wait at the edges of the room waiting until someone approaches you. You need to be proactive and start the conversation, by asking ‘what bring you to this event?’ Don’t let that question simply be an opener, you should listen and respond to their reply, and you probably are already a very good listener…


Market Harborough – almost full!

For the first time in the history of Working Breakfast it looks like the Market Harborough chapter will have to start a waiting list for new members.  The group has just accepted it’s 24 member and their is a policy that 25 is the top number the group will allow. “Its important that all the members…


Archway House raises £430 for Squires Effect Charity

Working Breakfast member’s Archway House have held an open day at their premises on the outskirts of Market Harborough and raised £430 for Squires Effect. The open day included talks and taster sessions enabling you to learn more about how the different treatments and services Archway House offer could benefit you. Over 180 people attended the day and…


Public Speaking Tip #13

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. Work on the structure.  There is no point…


Networking tip #14: The early bird catches the worm

Although it is tempting to sneak in at the back, if you arrive early you can introduce yourself as people walk into the room, they will want somebody to talk to so it is a very effective strategy. It is much easier to find someone who doesn’t already have a conversation partner.   If you…


Networking tip #13: When can I leave?

If you do not like attending networking events, you may find yourself sitting there thinking ‘when is it acceptable for me to leave?’ so to resolve this, take a certain number of business cards depending on the size of the event, and don’t allow yourself to leave until you have given them all out. At…


Public Speaking Tip #12

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 12. Rehearse.  It’s usually easy to spot who…


Networking tip #12: Be pitch perfect

If you panic about what you are going to say when you begin to introduce yourself to people, make sure you have something prepared. It doesn’t need to be a long description of what your company does and how it can help them, but a short introduction of your name and the industry you are…


Public Speaking Tip #11

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 11. Don’t rush.  It’s better to say less in a clear way that is understood by all than to rush through a load of material that does not sink…


The Business Agenda – Tuesday October 15th 2013

Book your place for the Business Agenda at the Harborough Innovation centre. The Business Agenda returns in October with a special talk from David Scott, Co-founder and Director of Rambutan The Business Agenda is a monthly meetings designed to help South Leicestershire & North Northamptonshire businesses meet up, learn from each other and forge relationships. It is…


Networking tip #11: Be prepared

If you don’t have business cards, get them. Sometimes you can get your first 100 business cards free, so it won’t cost you a penny. Business cards are things that companies usually keep a directory of and will often refer to them when they need a specific service, so you might not hear from someone…


Public Speaking Tip #10

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 10. Speak clearly.  Remember you are addressing the whole table.  If you can only be heard by a few people you are wasting a huge opportunity.  You need to…


Networking tip #10: Fulfil your promises

It is very important that your connections see you as reliable. If you have told them that you will email them by the end of the day, make that a priority, or if you have said you’ll arrange a meeting, ensure that you have time to do so. You cannot rely on people to chase…


Public Speaking Tip #9

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 9. Make a wish.  What would be your ideal referral?  Why not ask for it?  It’s amazing how many times people ask for a seemingly obscure contact and a…


Networking tip #9: Follow up your leads

Once you have made the initial contact with someone, or met them, you should make a point of getting in contact with them by writing them an email. This will show that you are serious about developing a business relationship with them. The email is an opportunity to refresh their memory on what you discussed,…


Public Speaking Tip #8

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 8. Get the basics right.  For the benefit of the guest, the new members and the forgetful older members, always state your name, your company, it’s location and what…


Buy To Let Mortgages

A buy to let property can provide a very useful additional income in retirement. To get started in this market you will need a 30% deposit ideally, a good credit score and the rental income must be greater than the interest payment on the mortgage by 125% usually. There are a few other requirements but…


The Business Agenda – September 2013

  After a break for the summer, the Business Agenda returns with a special event all about how your company can get the most out of LinkedIn with Libby Langley. The Business Agenda is a monthly meetings designed to help South Leicestershire & North Northamptonshire businesses meet up, learn from each other and forge relationships. It is held…


Public Speaking Tip #7

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 7. Prove it.  We are used to being skeptical about advertising and the same applies to your 60 second advert.  If you are making an impressive claim then prove…


Networking tip #7: Introduce others

Another powerful tool when networking that can be the key to enhancing your network, is to develop the habit of introducing people. If you know two like-minded people, it is not a bad idea to introduce the two of them through their common interest. You do the initial work and then it is up to…


The Business Agenda Returns


The Business Agenda is back after it’s summer break.  The Working Breakfast sponsored event takes place on September 17th from 5pm till 7pm at the Harborough Innovation Centre.

This months guest speaker is Libby Langley who will be covering important topics around LinkedIn.

To book a free place visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/8088084679




49 leads passed this week

Well done to all members of Working Breakfast Market Harborough for passing an impressive 49 leads this Wednesday morning.  Will we ever beat the magic 50?

Public Speaking Tip #6

Here is a quick tip to improve your public speaking. This could be especially useful should you choose to join the Working Breakfast in Market Harborough. 6.Keep it brief.  You have 60 seconds – don’t drag your slot on longer than it should be.  You do not want to be an unwelcome guest at a…


A warm welcome to Alden Electrical

Working Breakfast extends a very warm welcome to Linda from Alden Electrical who decided to join the group last week.  We are looking forward to hear about your business and help in any way we can.

Networking tip #6: Focus on being friendly and helpful

Building your network is the same as building a friendship group. You need to be friendly and helpful in any way you can. For example, if you were talking about a book you read on your recent holiday and someone sounded interested, send it to them. Or if you told someone you attended a sports…


Public Speaking Tip #5

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 5. End with a strap line.  The last…


Networking tip #5: Don’t dismiss anyone as irrelevant

Don’t dismiss anyone as irrelevant. At that very moment they may not be relevant to your business plan, however you cannot always know what the future holds. You might think that a local blogger cannot benefit you because you work at a veterinary practice but remember, you might branch out in the future, in which…


Public Speaking Tip #4

Here is a quick tip on how to improve your public speaking. If you choose to join Working Breakfast you will need to do a 60 second pitch each week. Tips are being posted on the website over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 4. Use props.  If you want to show…


53 leads passed in one week

Last week (August 7th) a total of 53 leads were passed between members of Working Breakfast Market Harborough.  This is one of the highest totals for a few months but we hope with new members coming on board and more training and development work that it may even be possible to beat  in the coming weeks…


Networking tip #4 :Expand your horizons

It is very important to connect with people from all areas of business, expanding your business outside of its comfort zone will not only benefit you, but also the network of people you already associate with. A broader network will make for more connections and could lead to either a more effective strategy, or more…


Look out for this Weeks Harborough Mail

Keep an eye out for this weeks Harborough Mail – Thursday 15th – as I’ve been told by their news editor that they will be running a story in the Business Section about Working Breakfast’s Market Harborough Chapter.

Public Speaking Tip #3

Here is a quick tip on how to start your 60 second pitch if you choose to join the Market Harborough Working Breakfast. 3. Start your 60 seconds with a joke or some humorous reference to gain people’s attention and separate you from the previous speaker. More public speaking tips will be released over the…


How to Deliver a Powerful 60 Second Presentation

Here is a quick tip on how to deliver your 60 second presentation if you choose to join the Market Harborough Working Breakfast. Don’t read off a sheet of paper. If you are going to read your material, make sure you have a good idea of the content and make plenty of eye contact with…


Networking tip #3: Be proactive

It is important that you proactively seek networking opportunities instead of leaving it to a chance invitation that only comes once in a blue moon. Your first step should be defining what it is that you would like to receive from your network. Secondly, networking is not necessarily about going to an event, why not…


Harborough breakfast club appoints new chairperson

A new chairperson for the Working Breakfast networking group, based in Market Harborough, has been announced this week. Alastair Campbell, MD of the Ideal Marketing Company will take over the position for the next six months with immediate effect. As one of the founding members of the Working Breakfast business group in Leicester, Alastair also…


Public Speaking Tip #2

Here is a quick tip on how to deliver your 60 second presentation if you choose to join Market Harborough Working Breakfast. 2. Be specific in what you ask for.  It always works well if you name a specific type of business or position within companies. Keep a look out for our next public speaking…


Who can attend Working Breakfast?

Who can attend? The group has an open door policy. Anybody is welcome to attend, but you should call first to reserve a place, the number is at the end of this guide. However, only one person from each profession, trade or company is allowed to join as a member. Why we meet As well…


Networking tip #2: Quality not Quantity

Networking is not about knowing the most people; it is about getting to know people who will give you and your business added value. Some people think that all it takes is for a room full of people to nkow your name by the end of the event, this isn’t necessarily going to be of…


Improve your public speaking with Working Breakfast

More feared than death, public speaking is often cited as the number one thing that people are afraid of.  There is no real need for this fear – and in fact studies have shown that 2 things can really help with a fear of talking in public.  The first is to know what you are…


Neworking tip # 1 :Help one another

Often, people make the mistake of entering a networking situation purely for selfish motives. This can be off putting and if you are already nervous about having to speak to a room full of people, this will not make you any friends. Instead, turn the idea of networking on its head, and enter that room…


Open Days announced for June 26th and July 3rd

Working Breakfast Market Harborough have announced two special visitor days’ to take place this summer.   The meetings are going to take place between 7am at 8,30am on June 26th and July 3rd at The Angel Hotel in Market Harborough. Current Chair Chris Williams comments “The group has been going for more than 3 years and is…



Opening up on the test I set at Thursdays WB meeting I have posted the competition on the Scuff Sorter Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=203397909813519&set=a.129674033852574.29014.124559064364071&type=1&theater ). Win yourself a £15 voucher by coming up with a good name for the Scuff Sorter video star.

Members enjoy a great night out at Rio Bravo

Members of Working Breakfast Market Harborough enjoyed a great night out at Harborough’s Rio Bravo Mexican restaurant last night.. One of the perks of being a member of Working Breakfast is that – unlike other networking groups – several social events are included.  As well as the night out at Rio Bravo a future event…


Record number of leads passed?

According to our records Working Breakfast Market Harborough passed a record number of leads this week.

It total 64 new business opportunities were passed by members around the table.  That’s a great way to start to the working day…

New Chair takes over at Working Breakfast

Chris Williams, MD of event company ‘A Perfect Setting’ has taken over as the new chair of Working Breakfast. Chris is ‘delighted and excited’ at taking on the role. She will be the chair until the end of July 2013. She takes over from Paul Marks who saw membership increase by 4 overall during his…


The Business Agenda February 2013

You are invited to attend this month’s Business Agenda networking event at The Market Harborough Innovation Centre. It’s a free monthly networking and seminar event that takes place at the Harborough Innovation Centre. Each month a differ…ent speaker gives their views on a topic that is relevant to business owners. This month we are delighted…


Help for Heroes – Personalised wines

Now you can personalise “Help for Heroes” wine with your company logo and message. A perfect way of treating your clients or staff whilst giving support to our wounded service personnel. Take a look now at http://lnkd.in/dx5rp4

New Help for Heroes Wine Gift Packs

The Wine & Hamper Company is proud to have been appointed the exclusive supplier of “Help for Heroes” labelled wines and hampers. The full range of wine gift packs and hampers can seen at HERE (click to see webpage). Our range of “Help for Heroes” products are suitable for both corporate and personal gifting and…


WBI 2012 – just one of the things we do!

Working Breakfast International 2012 It’s something that makes our group different Our very own USP A chance for sunshine networking And all of it pretty well free First thoughts, it may not be possible To travel to sunnier shores But when our networking is put to the test It usually handles the chores And this…


Scuff Sorter does Concourse

Day to day Peter spends his time fixing up every day cars, the BMWs, Audis, Fords and Vauxhalls, but from time to time something special pops up. This year has seen prize winners built by Mercedes and Porsche, that have gone on to win “Best in Show” and even “Best in UK.” So if you…


Christmas is Coming

First order for Personalised Christmas wines came in today.
Great corporate client gift… see more at www.wineandhampers.com

Working Breakfast announces new chairperson

Members of a not for profit business networking group in Market Harborough have chosen a new chairperson. Paul Marks (40) from Michael Paul Accountants Ltd has just begun his new role, replacing Stuart Beard who has been at the helm of Working Breakfast for the past six months. Paul was a founding member of Working Breakfast…


Successful business event for start-up companies returns to Harborough

An event aimed at start-up companies is returning to Market Harborough in September. Start-Up Harborough will take place on 18th  September at the Innovation Centre on Leicester Road. Last year the event attracted over 150 businesses and following this initial success, is now being run as an annual event. Start-Up Harborough is free to attend…


Graphic Design from Leicester based Full Fat Designs

Full Fat Designs has recently joined the Leicester Chapter of Working Breakfast where many referrals have been passed back and forth in the first few weeks, along with winning the social evening crazy golf FFD is off to a great start and really enjoying being part of the group. Joining as Graphic Design, Leicester based…


The Business Agenda 2nd event

Just a quick reminder that the monthly business event, The Business Agenda, will be be held again at The Innovation Centre in Market Harborough tomorrow night (Tues 17th April) at 5pm. With over 80 delegates attending last time this free seminar come networking event is quickly becoming a great event for businesses in the Harborough area.…


Michael Paul Accountants Budget Summary

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne delivered his third Budget to a packed House of Commons on Wednesday 21 March 2012. The Chancellor stated that one of the main aims of the Budget will be to create a “simpler tax system” but also one where the tax revenues from the wealthiest will increase as…


Working Breakfast Networking Group in Nottingham

I am pleased and excited to announce that Working Breakfast Nottingham is being launched in October 2012. We already have the Leicester and Market Harborough groups set up which are very succesful. I am looking for business owners in the Nottingham area that want to get involved at the very start. For more information please…


The Business Agenda – A great success

The inaugural meeting of The Business Agenda, a free to attend seminar organised by Working Breakfast for the businesses of Market Harborough and Leicestershire, was a huge success. It brought together over 80 businesses who were treated to a good open networking session and 2 superb speakers in Chris Davis, of Bamboozle Theatre and Alastair…


The Business Agenda at the Innovation Centre

The second in a series of monthly meetings designed to help South Leicestershire & North Northamptonshire businesses is being held at the Harborough Innovation Centre in April 2012 .  The monthly meeting, known as ‘The Business Agenda’ will be free for anybody to attend and will be a mixture of education, innovative business ideas and networking.…


March Specials

VW Cab 1.6tdiBMTN Tec SE From £199pm
BMW Mini 1.6 Cooper D From £197pm

Innovation Centre to host new monthly meeting

  The first of a series of monthly meetings designed to help Harborough businesses is being held at the Harborough Innovation Centre later this month. The monthly meeting, known as ‘The Business Agenda’ will be free for anybody to attend and will be a mixture of education, innovative business ideas and networking. Business owners from…


Is Pinterest for you?

The new kid on the social media block that’s causing quite a commotion with lots of interest and hits is Pinterest. This pin board based scrapbook site is sending back more traffic to linked websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. It’s definitely one to keep your eye on, the monthly stats prove that. The concept…


Social media marketing – half-day seminar

Working with fellow Working Breakfast member, Garry Aston from Caged Fish Web Design, it was good to run our first half hay social media seminar at the Arc Business Centre centre in Market Harborough yesterday.  I’ve already received some very positive feedback from the people who attended the event, which makes it worthwhile I’m pleased…


Is Your Accountant Qualified?

Many people don’t realise that anyone can call themselves an accountant even if they have no professional qualifications and are not members of a recognised accounting body.  Often the first time people realise their accountant is not qualified is when they apply for a mortgage or a loan.  Normally the providers will only accept accounts…


Marketing For Small Businesses – Socia Media For Business Success

What do you think of when confronted with the words marketing for your business? The dictionary gives this explanation, “the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing and selling.” Many of us when we train for a profession, such…


Mothers Day Gifts

The Wine and Hamper Company has a range of gift products that will satisfy your Mothers Day gifting requirements. We can include your personal message and deliver throughout the UK.

Take advantage of our “hassle free” gifting service at www.wineandhampers.com

ChipsAway Drivers Tips

Spring is just around the corner, and those of us who have been neglecting our vehicle will start to get some pleasure on a sunday morning cleaning the car again. You can find some useful tips at www.morethanjustchips.com but do remember that, good though modern vehicle paintwork is, it is not indestructable. Many of us…


What a Message Takers Client had to say about them recently

Jenkinson & Associates Ltd http://www.jenkinsonassoc.co.uk 01455 556201 Chris Jenkinson As a busy marketing company dealing with clients from all over the UK and internationally some of our clients look for outsourced support  and Message Takers have been invaluable in taking orders and sales enquiries on our behalf. Message Takers are extremely efficient and we’ve only…


Working Breakfast Celebrates 2nd Birthday

Harborough business club celebrates a successful two years Members of a not for profit networking group in Market Harborough are celebrating the group’s second anniversary this month (February). The Working Breakfast group has met every Wednesday morning at the Angel  Hotel since February 2010. During that time, members of the group have passed over 3,000…


Social Media Marketing for Small Local Businesses

The buzzwords for small business marketing currently are social media but many people ask me, “Exactly what is social media and how can it help my small local business?” Social media is one of those words that is rather like a large umbrella … Sheltering beneath it are a number of marketing tools such as…


Photocopiers in Leicester & Nottingham

CSL are currently running a campaign for full colour photocopier/printers which can save up to 70% compared to inkjet desktop printers.

Call today for a free evaluation service and find out how much money you could save.

Call Nick on 07976 409963

Buy to Let Mortgages

It’s a buyers market for your Buy to Let property right now. Rates have never been lower. You will need a 25% deposit but the return on your investment cangive a better return than a building society and you will get (hopefully!) capital growth over the long time. Give me a call to dicsuss this…


Loud and Proud, Blogging makes sense!!

It really is worth taking 5 minutes out of your working week to add content to your site, Google love new and fresh content. So don’t be lazy, grab a cuppa and write some fresh content at least  once a week!

Steve Hawkins


Radio & Newspaper editors to attend Start Up Harborough

The “Start-Up Harborough” event, announced last month, has released its final list of speakers. The free event, organised by local networking group Working Breakfast, is being held on September 20th at the new Innovation Centre on Leicester road from 3pm till 8pm. It has been designed for people thinking of setting up a new business,…


Facebook Pages for business

For all of those that may have missed the presentation I gave at the networking meeting in Market Harborough last week about Facebook pages for business, here’s a link to a copy of the presentation.


I hope this helps you in your Facebook ventures.


Start-Up Harborough event announced for September 20th

A new event aimed at start up companies is being held in Market Harborough on September 20th at the new Innovation Centre on Leicester Road.  If is it a success, the plan is to make it an annual event. ‘Start-Up Harborough’ is a free event aimed at people thinking of setting up a new business,…


Your Call May Be Recorded…

George Orwell’s depiction of a 1984 nation under surveillance may have warned of despair and social degradation but in 2011, when ‘Big Brother’ has taken on a whole other meaning, is it as bad as he predicted? David Cameron is no doubt cursing the day (probably whilst putting out his bin filled with 2 week…


In the Office, I Couldn’t Live Without..

As the office calendar moves another page closer to the summer holiday season and that all too familiar cry of ‘Come on Andy’ resonates from SW19, we can all be forgiven for getting a little lost in the moment and letting our minds drift ahead to what the next couple of months have in store.…


iMove; wherever you will go, your business must go with you..

Although we have covered businesses on the move in the Lily Blog a couple of time since we launched in August last year, it is still the main challenge for any company that looks further than their local town or city for growth in our continually unstable economic climate. Whether it’s the other end of…


Free networking seminar sponsored by Working Breakfast

Networking event & seminar – Branding – get it right for your business Tuesday July 5th, from 7pm till 9pm at The Angel Hotel, Market Harborough Market Harborough based networking group Working Breakfast will be holding a special evening event for business owners and managers on the theme of branding. How do you create a…


Event Bars – Wine and Hampers

Wine & Hampers – Event Bar Services In addition to a complete wine and hamper gifting service The Wine and Hamper Company provides fully serviced temporary bars for weddings, parties and other events. We specialise in making your event go smoothly, and can cater for any occasion within the east midlands region. Over the years…


Business Travel: Around the Globe and Costs the Earth..

Whether you love it or loathe it, international business travel is now considered almost a neccessity for any growing medium to large business. With numerous vertical markets, from telecoms to banking looking at new ways to achieve ‘global domination’, the growth in overseas travel isn’t set to stop anytime soon. Analysts may say that with…


Marketing Seminars for small business owners

Is your business ready to take off? Join us on Monday July 11th  2011 at the Marketing Launchpad Programme Imagine if there was a way to gain a better understanding of the six most important marketing areas (for small business owners) in a single day?  What if there was also a whole bundle of valuable…


Free Marketing Seminar in Leicester

Here are details of a free business  seminar hosted by Barclays Bank in Leicester on Tuesday May 24th at 5.30pm. Many companies are looking to make what they already have s-t-r-e-t-c-h further.  Teamwork specialist Rosie Garwood & Marketing consultant Alastair Campbell will deliver a seminar that is aimed at small business owners keen to make…


PSN: the Price of Securing your Network

As it has been very clear to see from any news report or blog website, the last two weeks have provided an extremely frustrating time for any Playstation Owner. In the wake of a network security breach by hackers, the world’s leading entertainment provider has today entered a 3rd Week of unscheduled downtime and ensured…


Remotely control your lighting

We are very excited to announce a new product which we are going to push from this month.If you think about it the generic automatic timer switches for your home or office when you are away are exactly that predictable. We can now offer you a system whereby you can text a control unit based…


New marketing programme for small business owners

New – from May 2011 – The Marketing Launchpad Programme A better understanding of marketing your business is not the answer to everything, but is can help you to take more control over how you expand, which areas you expand into fastest and how profitable your business becomes. Of course we all had dreams when…


Keeping it Local: Home-Grown Business Integration

AT THE RISK of sounding morbid before I’ve barely got going, it’s probably best to say it now and get it over with. Unemployment is rife, businesses are closing their doors every day, and the taxman is robbing you blind. Fear not, as the headline of this piece probably suggests, there is a remedy to…


Red Nose Day for Market Harborough solicitors

Edward Hands and Lewis, Market Harborough solicitors, are holding a special Red Nose open day this Friday the 18th at our offices on St Mary’s Road. In the name of charity (and because we like it as well) we are wearing our PJ’s all day and selling cakes. So if you fancy a laugh and wish…


New BlackBerry 9300, now on Orange

The new BlackBerry 9300 is now available on Orange. Great handset with GPS so the tom tom can go! For only £30 + VAT per month 600 cross net mins, unlimited UK landlines, UK Text and email/browsing.

127% increase in business referrals

Now that Working Breakfast has been going for over a year, we’re starting to get some stats back from our referrals. It’s interesting to note, in February, we had a 127% increase in leads passed from last year. Alastair Campbell led the leader board for passed referrals for Feb last year and this year, so…


To Infinity & Beyond: Business Broadband Tips

“Broadband speeds are a major source of dissatisfaction for UK broadband customers,” I would imagine that since the start of the internet revolution, the statement above would have summed up perfectly the experience that many people have when trying to the surf the internet. Whether it be downloading music (legally of course), streaming your favourite…


The Facebook Effect – Business Solutions for the 21st Century

As movie buffs will be well aware, this week sees the release of the critically acclaimed blockbuster The Social Network on DVD and blu-ray. Even the casual sofa-dweller may have found it hard to escape the subconscious glare of ‘that facebook film’; such is the contemporary relevance of world’s biggest social-networking website. Words like ‘revolution’…


Thanks for the leads

Thanks for the 6 leads I recived recived at our meeting last week. Two of them have already turning into business and another 2 are looking likley. This one set of leads will have paid for my membership of WB for the next 3 years!

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Wine and hampers can supply personalised Champagne and Wine Gifts… the perfect valentines day gift. We can produce a label diplaying your personal message and include a photograph or picture to meet your specific requirements. Have a look at www.wineandhampers.com or talk directly to Tony Morley on 01530 245486 We produce special gifts for…


Leicester Chapter – another busy Visitors Day

Once again Working Breakfast (Leicester) hosted their Bi Monthly Visitors Open day to a packed room. Over 30 people attended our meeting this morning delivering in excess of 50 leads. If you’re a business owner and want to come along to the Leicester Chapter you don’t need to wait for a Visitors Day just contact…


Improve your business with good speaking skills

Some of you will have enjoyed last week’s 10 minutes on what goes into making good and bad speeches. Allan and I have both been members of local ASC member clubs for some time and as well as being good fun, they also teach members how to make a good speech. Next week both of…


Christmas Gifting

It’s time to think seriously about your client and staff Christmas gifting requirements. Great choice available at www.wineandhampers.com and if you don’t find what you want contact us and we will tailor-make a gift to suit your content or budget specification.

For Sale

Anyone want to buy some 4 draw metal filing cabinets at £20 each. Still a few left.
Or an excellent flip chart stand at £25.
Contact Allan on 07831 202801

Better price and better service from a mobile phone supplier?

Scancom offer exactly that! One of only 4 Orange Principal Partners, BlackBerry Elite Alliance Partner, iPhone for business partner and Vodafone business partner- Scancom can offer a genuinely independent service based upon the needs of the customer. Do you use international speech or data roaming? If you do you could be paying over 200% more than you need to!


Office for Rent

The Old magistrates Court in Lutterworth is available for rent. This will give you a unique address at a very competitive rent. It’s too big for just one person so I plan to move back into my office at the side of my house once the Courthouse is rented out. It is for office use…



Does any one know or can recommend a mediator for a HR issue please

Upcoming Event

Thank you to everybody who came to our ‘Be Vocal for Success’ taster session in conjunction with Priscilla Morris from the leading voice management company Loud & Clear Voice Coaching. We discussed the influence your voice has, how you can persuade and manage others and how you can use your voice as a free marketing…


Fathers Day Gift Discount – WineandHampers

Looking for a Fathers day gift?
Then we have a special offer for you!
Claim 5% discount off any purchase at wineandhampers.com. Just Enter the code ‘fd5’ when prompted at the checkout.

Offer ends at midnight on the 20th June 2010.

Visit the Wine and Hampers website  >>>>

Working Breakfast Market Harborough

The Market Harborough chapter of Working Breakfast is growing steadily, there are some amazing leads and referrals being passed around the table on a Wednesday morning at The Angel Hotel, Market Harborough. Soon this website will have a new design and will feature the Leicester chapter, as it does now and the Harborough chapter.

Caged Fish new baby

All the team at Caged Fish web design  would love to congratulate Mark and Kel on the birth of their new baby boy, Logan Quin. Born today in Leicester Royal Hospital. Good to see another Taurean enter the world.

Personalised Wine, The Ideal Corporate Gift.

Personalised Wine, The Ideal Corporate Gift. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to reward your staff or you are looking for something to wow your clients you can’t go wrong with a tasteful thank you in the form of corporate wine gifts. It is the ideal gift to say well done, congratulations or…


New Luxury Gift Hamper Range – Wine & Hampers

We have recently added a number of new hampers to our extensive range of products these can be seen at www.wineandhampers.com/acatalog/Luxury_Hampers.html These new products range in price from £120 to £500 and are well suited to high end staff reward and client gifting… a great way to say that special thank you! The products that make…


Wine & Hampers Move to New Warehouse

WE HAVE MOVED ! The Wine and Hamper Company has relocated to a bigger warehouse, that is just two minutes from the MI. Our new address is: The Wine & Hamper Company Ltd, Unit 6, Horsepool Grange, Elliotts Lane, Stanton Under Bardon, Leicestershire LE67 9TW Our new phone number is: 01530 245486 The new warehouse…


Pay As You Go Telephone Answering

Its Here, it’s New it’s Easy!   Prepay for your telephones to be answered whilst you are out doing what you can do best, growing your business. For £30* plus VAT you can prepay for telephone answering.  This will get you 20 messages taken, that’s 20 messages taken and does not include incoming sales calls, No message…


Market Harborough gift idea | Photographic print website

After having a snow scene photograph featured by The Harborough Mail, Caged Fish are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website selling stunning, high quality, photographic prints of Market Harborough and surrounding areas. The website is www.PixOf.co.uk and features subjects such as Foxton Locks, the town of Market Harborough,  and local Churches as well asbeautiful images…


Fancy A Holiday In France?

Go to www.freewebs.com/chatelaillon to see what we have to offer.
Then go to www.chatelaillonplage.fr to find out more about the area
Finally, to find out (the ridiculously low cost) go to Allan Heggs.
Mention Working Breakfast – it wont help but it sounds good.

Welcome Visitors from Nick @ The CSL Group

If you are reading this as a link from an invitation from Nick you are cordially invited to visit our Networking Group any Thursday. You will receive a “free breakfast” and an introduction to 25 Local Business Owners. Often Visitors will receive referrals for potential business when they visit. It costs nothing for the first…


Flowers at wineandhampers.com


We have now added a flower gift section to the Wine and Hampers website.
Through an association with 1500 florist we can offer next day flower delivery throughout the UK.
Take a look at www.wineandhampers.com and follow the product links to the new flower gift selection.

BlackBerry Storm 2 gets the hands-on treatment

We found a fantastic article in T3 magazine today, if you would like any further info contact paul@scancom.co.uk Article below ” Wave goodbye to the clicking screen   We hinted at a BlackBerry Storm 2 last month and even saw the pre-requisite blurry image just last week, but now a full hands-on with the second-generation Storm…


Blackberry supplier leicester

Scancom are one of the countries leading Blackberry suppliers, they have over 15 years experience in the mobile market.  For a quality Blackberry supplier in Leicester contact Scancom on 01162 200 200

WineandHampers on twitter

On Haydn’s good advice I am using twitter. Used in the right way it’s another great internet marketing tool… click here to follow me on twitter.

Previous BNI Leicester Group Working Breakfast pass 10,741 referrals

Working Breakfast Networking Group split away from BNI in May 2005 and in the 4 years that the group has been running has passed 10,741 referrals amongst its members.If you would like a share of the business that is passed each week and your business/trade is not represented then call Nick on 0771 8982344. The…


Working Breakfast Networking Group pass 1000 referrals

Working Breakast Networking Group have passed more than 1,000 referrals amongst members from the start of the year to 14th May 2009. If you would like a share of the qualified business referrals that are being passed at workingbreakfast then call Nick on 0771 8982344

digital photocopiers

City Digital in Coalville supply and support the very latest digital photocopiers in the market. Ricoh, Toshiba & Utax. enquiries please call Nick on 01530 835009

Holiday Cottage Cornwall

Now Available; Self Catering Holiday Cottage, Just had complete refubishment, Excellent Location for exploring North & South Cornwall please have a look at our recently launched website; www.martha-ann-cottage.co.uk 10% Discount to all Working Breakfast members.

Wine and Hampers – First on Google.

The Wine and Hamper Company is pleased to find that www.wineandhampers.com is now top of the first page on google for search term ” wine hampers “.

Many thanks to Caged Fish for all their help!

More changes to the product range at www.wineandhampers.com/acatalog/index.html  coming shortly.

Print Audit

CSL Group offer a FREE print audit to establish your true print volumes and costs. Using the very latest software we can show you the true cost of printing, copying and faxing within your organisation. The report generated is transparent and easy to understand. To find out more or to book a provisional meeting to…


Wine and Hampers Leicestershire

The Wine and Hamper Company is proud to be a member of Working Breakfast. If you have a Staff, Client or Personal gifting requrement visit www.wineandhampers.com or phone 01530 810444

office equipment

City Digital (E.M) Limited since 1984 have been supplying digital photocopiers and office equipment all enquiries call Nick on 01530 835009

photocopiers east midlands

City Digital Ltd supply and maintain ricoh, utax & toshiba photocopiers. For all enquiries please ask for Nick on 01530 835009