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Opening up on the test I set at Thursdays WB meeting I have posted the competition on the Scuff Sorter Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=203397909813519&set=a.129674033852574.29014.124559064364071&type=1&theater ). Win yourself a £15 voucher by coming up with a good name for the Scuff Sorter video star.


WBI 2012 – just one of the things we do!

Working Breakfast International 2012 It’s something that makes our group different Our very own USP A chance for sunshine networking And all of it pretty well free First thoughts, it may not be possible To travel to sunnier shores But when our networking is put to the test It usually handles the chores And this…


Scuff Sorter does Concourse

Day to day Peter spends his time fixing up every day cars, the BMWs, Audis, Fords and Vauxhalls, but from time to time something special pops up. This year has seen prize winners built by Mercedes and Porsche, that have gone on to win “Best in Show” and even “Best in UK.” So if you…


ChipsAway Drivers Tips

Spring is just around the corner, and those of us who have been neglecting our vehicle will start to get some pleasure on a sunday morning cleaning the car again. You can find some useful tips at www.morethanjustchips.com but do remember that, good though modern vehicle paintwork is, it is not indestructable. Many of us…


Improve your business with good speaking skills

Some of you will have enjoyed last week’s 10 minutes on what goes into making good and bad speeches. Allan and I have both been members of local ASC member clubs for some time and as well as being good fun, they also teach members how to make a good speech. Next week both of…